Monday, February 21, 2011

Artistic Stitch, Inc.

Artistic Stitch, Inc. is a full service company providing solutions for your business needs. Founded out of owner Sal Loretta's garage in 1996, Artistic Stitch became a three part, full service company specializing in embroidery, screen-printing, sign making, web design and web marketing. Sal has proven over the years that with strong business sense, hard work and tenacity will create success.

Sal's goal is growth. Proof of great results: from his little garage, to a little shop in Middle Village, to a large storefront on the corner of Metropolitan Avenue and 69th Street. When Artistic Stitch's embroidery and screen-printing services took off, Sal decided we needed to offer more. So five years ago, Artistic Signs was built. Wrapping your cars or trucks are a part of our profession. We are a company founded on great customer service and a variety of services ready to assist any need you may have.

Artistic Stitch grew rapidly by providing excellent customer service and word of mouth, but now times have changed and we have changed with them by getting onto the web. We have learned that this is a part of having your company survive in this cruel economy we have so Artistic Design was created. Our web design studio has the best web designers possible to make sure that your site is made to suit your business. Plus, we don't stop at just making the site for you, we also optimize it through SEO.

Advertising your company is key. Come to Artistic Stitch, Inc. and we will help you expand just like we did.

Get Results, Use SEO

Things are flowing in the right direction for Artistic Design and our clients' websites. The Power of SEO is really paying off! The lousy weather is slowly becoming just a memory and moving forward, people are starting to walk with a little pep in their step again. People spent the whole winter listening to how SEO is beneficial to businesses and their sites and now they are allowing more doors to open for them by signing up with Artistic Design. Jamie has more tricks up her sleeve and is ready and eager to really pump up your online advertising.

SEO is on the rise; more and more people are becoming aware of its existence and for those of you out there who have tried it yourselves may have realized that it just too much work to keep up with it yourself with your busy schedule. That is why our SEO Analyst, Jamie, has been trained to do all the hard work for you. Even people who are not tech savvy and are lucky they even have a website up and running, our professionals have managed to make them realize that optimizing your site is the only way to gain more clientele from that nice website you had created. Let Artistic Design get that website above all of your competitors to get the most of your website.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Power of SEO Marketing

I'm sure most bloggers are well aware of the fact, but it is amazing how few are the number of people who don't realize the effect that link building and adwords can have on a simple webpage.  I like to use the analogy that most business owners who have spent thousands on having a site designed, but aren't having it promoted are like new Lamborghini owners who let it sit in the garage, or new iPad owners who just use it as a giant iPod on the subway.  It is annoying, a waste of money, and to people in the know just dang frustrating!

Obviously there are thousands of companies in the world that specialize in optimizing search results, but there must be some sort of age gap.  I have spoken with owners of $200 million companies and they don't understand why they have to update their geocities-esque web page, refuse to understand.  The funny thing is I'm sure these elderly web rookies have paid thousands in their lifetime for paper, magazine, etc. ads, but overlook the fact that a web site is an organic ad! It's alive damnit, and it is constant advertising to more potential buyers than your daily post can reach.  Ah well, I suppose this fits into the order of things.

Cliff Jackson, SEO Marketing Analyst

Monday, September 27, 2010

Advanced SEO Package

Our specialist will overhaul and restructure your campaign until you see results.Business owners who are ready to take their online advertising campaign to the next level should choose our Advanced Package for only $199 per month (cancel anytime). Included are all the services of the Standard Package, but ramped up a level: our Google-certified specialist can now allocate double the amount of time toward increasing your online revenue.

This will allow our specialists to laser target your customers, taking advantage of everything Sponsored Search has to offer.

The Advanced Package includes:

Conversion Tracking - With Conversion Tracking installed on your website, our specialists can see which keywords attract visitors who are more likely to send you a request for a quote or visit your online store. This information allows our specialists to focus bidding on keywords that "convert", i.e keywords that turn into sales. Conversion Tracking is essential for Sponsored Search Campaigns with high click volumes.

Banner Ads - Our specialists will coordinate with the Artistic Design graphics team to create picture ads to post on all the websites most frequented by your customers.

Landing Page Optimization - A Landing Page is the first page of a website, or the first page a visitor "lands on." While a bad Landing Page can sink the best Sponsored Search Campaign, a quality Landing Page will increase sales exponentially. After one month of analyzing the results of your campaign, our specialists and the Artistic Design web development team recreate your Landing Page from scratch. Later months will see further adjustments, including promotions that are synchronized with your Sponsored Search Campaign.

Give Jamie a call for more information. 

Friday, September 10, 2010


If you've ever watched Comedy Central, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Muppet's or even been to a play or baseball game, you've definitely seen the work of our newest client, Randy Carfagno Productions!

Randy came to us in hopes of getting more business. He signed up for a basic package, $99 a month, and after only 2 months he has seen the results!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Standard SEO Package

Our Standard Package is the best choice for small business owners new to internet advertising.

For $99 per month (cancel anytime), you will receive Sponsored Search Management, local listing and map visibility, competition and keyword reports, and tracking software installation.

Within minutes of signing up with us, we assign  our Google-certified specialist, Jamie,  to manage your Sponsored Search Campaign. After we verify your listing on Google Maps and local business directories, Artistic Design will then your campaign.

Within a 48-hours, your website will appear on the top page of Google.

As your website traffic starts to grow, Jamie will keep track of your website's visitor activity. She will send you biweekly your campaign's progress reports, detailing what keywords work best within your daily budget, industry search trends and the geographical regions that send you the most traffic.

If the current state of your website is hindering your earning potential, Jamie will guide you on how to better optimize your website in order to increase your return-on-investment (ROI).

Our specialist will overhaul and restructure your campaign until you see results.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Google Marketing Reports

Once you sign up for one of Artistic Design's SEO packages you will begin receiving reports every two weeks from our Senior Google Analyst, Jamie. She will review what keywords will be best to use for the industry you are in and watch over your campaign on a daily basis to make sure things are running smoothly. 

Reports include:
  • Site Usage: Visits, Bounce Rate (people who come to your web site and leave without viewing other pages), Page Views, Average Page Views Per Visit, Average Time On Site and Percentage of New Visits.
  • Visitor Overview
  • Map Overlay
  • Traffic Source Overview
  • Content Overview
  • Technical Profile
  • Top Traffic Sources
Here is an example of what a part of your report will look like:

In this report, you can see that this website is being viewed nationally and internationally. You can clearly see what days the amount of visitors went up and down in a two week span. If necessary, Jamie can even help you pick and choose which days and times are best for you to have your ads running so your budget will not get out of control but will still bring you business.

These reports are sent to make sure you see the progress of your marketing campaign. Of course, if you have any questions you can give Jamie a call and she will assist you.